Sunday, 21 October 2012

Now vailable on Amazon

My book A Million Miles from Broadway – Musical Theatre Beyond New York and London has been available in both print and e-book formats from for about three weeks now.  It recently also became available through Amazon.  Within the next month or so it will also be available through other outlets, both online and “bricks and mortar”.  Dress Circle in London is already accepting orders for it.

Advance copies have been sent to various media who specialise in musical theatre.  This book is unique in that it is of local interest in several countries, including Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa and Argentina.  There is very little promotional budget for this, but I have sent posters to all the West End and Broadway musical houses, as well as to theatres in Toronto and Melbourne.  There will be an ad in the academic journal Studies in Musical Theatre beginning next month.  I’m on the lookout for opportunities to appear on radio (both internet and over-the-air) to feature songs from other-worldly musicals.  I’m particularly anxious to get the book into libraries and schools.  I know of a university in Philadelphia that has already ordered it for their library – let’s hope there are many more.

I haven’t read any reviews yet, but will be in touch when they’re out.

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